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Ice Cream

We provide coolers of water ice for sport games or parties!  Just pick up the supplies, we'll provide cups and spoons.   


Large cooler serves 70, a security deposit  is required on the cooler


Small cooler serves 45-50, a security deposit is required on the cooler


We Love our Community!

Build a Better Bensalem Organization bought coupons to give out to all the kids in Bensalem on the 1st day of school.


Bucks County Dance Center asked us to stay open after their recital for the families to come and congregate, so for two days we stayed open until 10 and had a great time!


Bensalem High School Marching Band had their people come to the store from 3pm-7pm and we tracked their purchases and we donated 10% of sales back to them.

Volpe's Original has donated gift baskets to:

Sons of Italy raffle

Snyder Middle School raffle

St Charles grade school event

Berries Ice Cream Balls
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